Connection to Wheel Loader TerminalConnection to Wheel Loader Terminal

The extremely robust and compact terminal is ideally suited for mobile use in a wheel loader. The splash-proof and shake-proof touch panel with PC is mounted in a housing. A keyboard with integrated mouse adapts well to the tight space in the driver’s cab. Printers in different sizes are available for installation.

In plants with a minimum of personnel, the driver can control and supervise processes from his work place in the wheel loader. The terminal provides the same functions and options as the PC in the central control room and is optimally suited for generating delivery notes with the software „Gyro-Data“ and for automating loadouts in combination with an on-board wheel loader scale. Weight values can be read directly from the wheel loader scale.

Network integration via WLAN with a transmission range of approx. 300 m at free visibility. Radio contact is automatically started and program data updated as soon as the wheel loader enters the transmission range. Terminals that are not integrated into a network can load data base, delivery notes, etc., from a USB stick.

If the wheel loader driver is to receive information only, the terminal is not required. In that case, a GCU 64 can be used for information display. The weighing data program Gyro-Data transmits loadout orders to the GCU 64 and the program function “truck list” (or “yard list”) informs the driver about the trucks, quantities and products still to be loaded.

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