Telescopic Loading TubesTelescopic Loading Tubes


Telescopic Loading Tube


Telescopic Loading Tube with Continuous Flow Mixer

Telescopic Loading Tube with Continuous Flow Mixer

The Continuous Flow Mixer provides for homogeneous mixtures of bulk materials, while the Telescopic Loading Tube reduces dust emission during loadout.


Advantages of WÖHWA Telescopic Loading Tubes

  • Robust product for the loadout of bulk materials with particle sizes ranging from 0 to approx. 60 mm
  • For loadout capacities from approx. 500 to 1200 t/h
  • With wear-resisting lining in the upper telescopic tube which can be easily exchanged
  • Maximum view of load floor due to tapered outlet
  • Integrated sensors guarantee safe operations
  • Lifting and lowering speed of approx. 0.2 m/s
  • Can be easily combined with WÖHWA continuous flow mixer
  • Can be integrated into WÖHWA blending and loadout systems
  • Adaptable centering cone for material feed
  • Height adjustment controllable by frequency converter, reducing wear

The WÖHWA Telescopic Loading Tube is an extremely robust product for the loadout of sands or coarse grained materials. The wear resistant steel lining has a long working life and can be exchanged with very little effort. Proximity sensors keep the discharge nozzle always at the right distance to the material pile (optional).

Telescopic Loading Tubes Telescopic Loading Tubes In combination with a WÖHWA Continuous Flow Mixer it is the optimum basis for environment-friendly loadout of high-quality blends. When used with a WÖHWA Blending and Loadout System, automatic use of the Telescopic Loading Tube can be programmed by marking the relevant blend recipes.